What is the Strength Index?

The Strength Index allows all athletes to compete against one another to determine who is the strongest pound for pound. An athlete can compare to another even though they have great differences in bodyweight. A male 225 lb athlete that bench presses 315 lbs. for 3 repetitions will generate a 1RM of 343 lbs. His Strength Index is calculated based on his bodyweight to be 503 points. A 200 lb. male athlete could beat him with a 290 lb. bench press for 4 repetitions to achieve 504 Strength Index points.

Try Three Strength Index Codes for FREE

Register, then login to receive three free Strength Index Codes and get started. Give the codes a try to determine a strength level.

What does the Strength Index Cost?

$1 per code (minimum 25)
$99 / year License (unlimited access)

How do I use the Strength Index?


Use the Strength Index code to calculate the strength level of major lifts done in your program or to host an exciting Strength Index Competition for your team, class or with other teams.

What is the Strength Disk?

The Strength Disk Online takes the guesswork out of strength and conditioning training and helps you make the right decisions to improve the performance of every athlete you coach.

The Strength Disk Online provides you with preloaded programs or the ability to create your own programs from the lists of exercises, loads, and cycles. You can upload any number of athletes and create individualized programs for each one. It is so flexible you can adjust each athlete's workout on a weekly basis. It will save you time doing paperwork and allow more time coaching. It is a great tool for any weight room.

What does the Strength Disk Cost?

Strength Disk Online - $99 / year
The Strength Disk Online's features will be accessible to you for one year. Multi-Users $299 / year allows up to five coaches to have access.

How do I use the Strength Disk?


Use our pre-loaded programs to create a workout schedule for your athletes, or build your own programs from scratch - the Strength Disk will support both options.


Train like a pro! Work with us to create a customized training program for your athletes, tailored specifically to your needs. Contact info@epicathletic.com for a quote.